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20/1190/MRES | Reserved matters comprising layout, scale, appearance, landscaping and access for the construction of 311 dwellings and associated infrastructure (subsequent application in respect of permission 03/P1900 which was accompanied by an environmental statement) | Cranbrook Phase 6 Land To The North Of Southlands London Road Cranbrook Exeter EX5 7GB
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Mr Stuart Gilfillan (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 03 Aug 2020

We are concerned by the proximity of plot 490 to the boundary hedge. It is located due East of our home and is therefore likely to cause a significant reduction in light into our property, in the mornings. Has a shadowfall analysis been undertaken?

Whilst the plans are being finalised, we would like to suggest that the two parking spaces for the property are located alongside the hedge, in order to alleviate this problem. This would likely minimise any shadow that may be cast over our house.

Mr Steven Westaway (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Sun 02 Aug 2020

Our house is Southbrook lodge.

After reviewing the plans online We are concerned about the traffic that will flow onto London road from Cranbrook once these additional houses and the roundabout is open to allow ways in and out. Cars accelerate hard along London Road already and whilst in one direction they will have to slow for the roundabout, in the other towards Exeter, some drivers will be accelerating hard off the roundabout. Is there a speed reduction planned?

There will be 12 houses surrounding us which we understand and we can see from the plans our trees are to be retained. What guarantee can you give us that the builders will follow this, as we have heard some horror stories in the past whereby the builders once started ignore this. We would hope that we will not have this trouble as the trees were planted inside our boundary by the previous owner and are therefore our property, as the actual boundary is just a thin wire line. At the back of the garden, the bottom lower part of these trees do not provide a solid boundary to plots 519, 520 and 521 and we can foresee pets and possible people being able to get through the trees into our garden. Plot 533 and 529 show to be having a fence to the side of the house. Please advise if 519 to 528 will be having a fence installed at the rear for security and privacy reasons as we feel this is vital.

It would appear there is a path on London road coming from the roundabout past plot 533 towards our house. Where does the path stop and what affect if any will it have on the telegraph/mains pole that connects our house.

Whilst we appreciate there will be noise and dirt produced from a building site and that watering and regular road sweeping will take place, we have already been getting dust and dirt covering our cars and house on a regular basis, with this building work right outside our house, what will the builder by doing to clean our property and cars.

Thanks and kind regards

Steve and Lauren Westaway

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