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18/2468/FUL | Retrospective application for a previously erected concrete vehicle loading ramp which allows for the loading of raw materials into feed bins by front shovel loaders to serve the Axminster RMX Plant. | Axminster Plant Whitford Road Kilmington Axminster EX13 7RG
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Mrs Claire Dainton (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 05 Dec 2018

We object to this retrospective planning application.

We support the view that the regular use of retrospective applications sets or reinforces an unfortunate precedent and effectively bypasses the planning system.

In recent months we have noticed an increase in noise levels from the Plant and heavy goods vehicle traffic passing through the village. The road between the Plant and the A35 is too narrow to allow 2 lorries to pass each other for much of its length, and increased activity at the Plant has resulted in increased heavy lorry traffic - the result of which has been an increase in road noise, damage to the road structure and frequent snarl ups. In addition to this, there is no pavement at the narrowest and most dangerous point in the road.

Dr Emma Styles (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 09 Nov 2018

I object to this application, due to the noise caused by the gravel movements within the loading bays, particularly to local adjacent residences. Not to mention the chance there may be increased numbers of heavy plant vehicle passing through the village to use this loading ramp. The village has no pavements around the area of the concrete works and it has a a thriving primary school and pre-school and many dog walkers that have to navigate the road along side these huge vehicles.

It is surprising that this has been allowed to be constructed in the parish without prior planning, given the site has a huge variety of nature, these laws are in place to protect the them and the local community. This is a heavy vehicle plant that has seen huge developments over the last few years, particular after a period of inactivity when the site was refurnished (around 2015) it is surprising to see so many 'retrospective' applications. I hope that this is investigated further.

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