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15/2466/FUL | Extension of existing holiday park for use of land by touring caravans and tents, including construction of gravel roads and hardstanding (retrospective application) | Castle Brake Holiday Park Woodbury Exeter EX5 1HA
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Mrs J P Carpenter (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 24 Aug 2016

Thank you for notifying me. I do NOT wish to speak as all of my objections have been made in my letter and still relevant. I trust this will be borne in mind at the meeting and the various points brought to the notice of those present. This development was commenced WITHOUT PLANNING PERMISSION and, therefore any agreement to it being allowed, either in part or in entirety, should be disregarded. If it is allowed, this will open the door to any developer and any objections by the inhabitants of Woodbury will be at their mercy to do whatever they wish.

Please bear in mind that there has already been serious flooding in the Village because of development in Castle Lane.

J Carpenter (Mrs)

Comment submitted date: Tue 31 May 2016

5 Beeches Close
Ext5 1JN

Dear Sirs


With reference to the above subject, I wish to make my strong objection to the above and ask that my comments are taken very seriously when considering whether or not to approve the application.

1 There has been so earlier application made and the following has taken place WITHOUT permission being granted.

2 The land in question has been prepared for extra sites and caravans are already in place.

3 Several mature trees have been felled to make room for the above work. These trees have served a very useful purpose in controlling the water level in the area.

4 Already, we have experienced flooding as a result of the development known as Webber's Meadow and now this new site, plus the fact that there will be more houses built above Webber's Meadow, will increase that situation, thus putting the property, and possibly lives, in danger and, therefore any more development MUST BE REFUSED.

5 If permission is granted, the resulting traffic up and down Castle Lane will be extremely dangerous. To date, there are two caravan parks on that road and that is sufficient for the area.

6 The lives and safety of children attending the school at the bottom of Castle Lane will be at serious risk. The alternative route up Cottles Lane is not to be considered, the road being too narrow for such traffic.

7 If this application is allowed, it will open the door to all and sundry developers who think they can ride rough-shod over the inhabitants of the Village and get away with anything they want. They will regard it as a fait accomplait and be able to do whatever they choose.

I appeal to you DO NOT GRANT PERMISSION for this application.

Yours faithfully

J P Carpenter (Mrs)

Mr R Brown (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 19 May 2016

See letter under document tab on our website

Woodbury Residents Association (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 10 May 2016

As Chair of Woodbury Residents Association, I would like to strongly express our objections to the extension of the existing holiday park at Castle Brake, Woodbury.
The expansion of this site will cause a huge amount of damage to the ecology of the area, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and an Area of Special Scientific Interest. There has been a great number of mature trees felled in the unlawful expansion of this site that has already taken place which will have an adverse impact on flooding on our roads further down in Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton and Clyst St. Mary. How this site can boast of having a Silver Conservation Award from David Bellamy is beyond comprehension! The aims of this award system is to create and enhance the environment, not destroy it!
Furthermore, the increase in touring caravans and large motor homes will clog-up and damage our narrow lanes and be hazardous to pedestrians.

This application should be turned down and the owners made to return the site to its previous state and replant mature trees to replace those they have destroyed.


Jan Owen
(Chair of Woodbury Resident Association)

J Burgess (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 05 May 2016

See letter under associated documents

Mrs R A Carr (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 20 Apr 2016

Please see lette under document tab on our website

D Rose (vice Chair) Woodbury Salterton Residents Association (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 05 Apr 2016

See letter under associated documents

Mr Malcolm Randle (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 03 Apr 2016

The expansion of this site is unjustified as it is already large enough and will just add further to the amount of traffic moving around on narrow roads. Apart from this it is unsightly, especially when viewed from the 'Viewpoint on Woodbury Common which is supposed to be a place from which the beauty of the area can be seen.

Mr R J Hunt (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 01 Apr 2016

I wish to object to retrospective planning applications 15/2466/FUL and 15/2467/FUL , regarding Castle Brake, Woodbury.

Opposite the Castle Car Park on Woodbury Common, there is a panoramic viewpoint looking over the Exe Estuary, towards Haldon and Dartmoor. It really is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

There are several small camp sites down there. They are well screened and not visible from the viewpoint. HOWEVER, ONE SITE IS STARTLINGLY VISIBLE. A LONG LINE OF WHITE CARAVANS STANDS OUT, not screened, and the worst blot on the landscape is the lower field which has just been opened without permission this Easter.

In addition, there is clear evidence that campers have made a new unofficial pedestrian entrance from the site to the top of Toby Lane.

Small camp sites blend in with the peace and character of the area. Large sites in open fields or with rows of statics do not. So, once again, I object strongly to these applications.

Robert J Hunt.

Mr William Peaker (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 01 Apr 2016

Another example of the planning procedure being misinterpreted. Any application which does not adhere should be refused, the land re instated before proper procedures are considered otherwise the law can only be seen as a ass and cast doubt over those that fail to uphold it.

East Devon - area of outstanding Natural Beauty. Castle Brake is already an eyesore from the A 30 and A38 eastbound and from the M5 north and south. The extra vehicle movements of inappropriate vehicles is doing irreparable damage to our single track lanes and ancient hedges.

Refuse the application, apply enforcement and if re application is made ensure that conditions are applied that restrict vehicle size, preserve our woodland and screen visual impact

Mrs P M Brine (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 31 Mar 2016

See letter under associated documents

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