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15/0884/RES | Reserved matters application (discharging details of layout, scale, apprearance, access and landscaping) for the construction of a detached dwelling pursuant to application 13/2717/OUT | Marrickville London Road Rockbeare Exeter EX5 2EA
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Comment submitted date: Sun 26 Apr 2015

If this application is approved there should be stringent restrictions on the construction process (including limited times and a prohibition on works during weekends) to ensure that amenity value is not diminished in the immediate local area as a result of the smoke, fume, grit, noise and dust pollution emanating from the construction. This is vital given how close the site is to existing occupied properties. Policy EN15 of the Local Plan should be considered given the inevitable excess noise pollution that will result from the construction process. The local authority should utilise powers under section 60 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 to ensure that the hours during which the works are carried out are appropriate given the nature of the site and its extremely close proximity to existing properties.

Appropriate consideration should be paid/measures should be put in place to ensure that any decision does not pave the way for any future application for further development on this site. This site is extremely small and it is wedged very closely between three existing properties. There is absolutely no space for any future extension (whether upward or outward) and appropriate restrictions should be applied to ensure this remains a one bedroom single-storey property in the form proposed, particularly given the capacity (and poor condition) of the existing access track/lane and the limited outside space of the site. The existing proposal already results in unacceptably high density as a result of the over-development of the site / "garden grabbing" that has taken place.

The current means of access to the site is entirely inadequate to support two additional vehicles. The existing single-way lane is in poor condition and any increase to its current use could cause road safety concerns. This is in direct contravention of Policy S4, in that the proposed development will impair highway safety and traffic flows. The applicant should be required to repair and maintain the shared access track in consideration of any permission granted, as it likely cannot cope with any additional traffic that would be a consequence of the development. It should not fall on the existing owners to pay for necessary improvements to the track when it is the increase in use caused by this development that would necessitate such works to be carried out.

Mr JAMES MADGE (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Thu 23 Apr 2015

The physical boundary rope that has been put up in my garden looks wrong to the CAD drawing on doc 1794268.

We need to address this please before any fencing goes up.

Kind regards


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