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14/1016/FUL | Demolition of existing agricultural building; erection of winery, small shop and associated ancillary space; erection of kitchen garden school/dwelling | Land To East Of Paynes Cottages (Otter Farm) Weston
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  • Comments Received: 132
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  • Supporting: 132

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Mrs Hannah Penhale (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 17 Oct 2014

We strongly support these plans. Firstly because we live close enough to benefit from the planned courses etc but also because we know that Mark and the team will do a brilliant job. We have been fortunate enough to benefit from Marks expertise several times in the past from courses attended at River Cottage and also through his wonderful books.
We feel that there would be a huge benefit not just to the local community but further afield as well.

Mr Greg Evans (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Mon 14 Jul 2014

As a wider resident of East Devon, and a parent, I am particularly excited about the opportunity this project presents to provide young people with an exciting and engaging way of learning about a healthy diet. Any initiative which baulks against the over commercialised processed food and boil in the bag culture which dominates our pub menus and supermarket trollies and positively provides a better alternative receives my total support. I also respect and admire the fact that Mark is risking everything he has to make this work. The least we can do as a community is give him the permission to follow his passion and turn this dream into a reality.

Miss Melanie Young (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Mon 14 Jul 2014

As an immediate neighbour to Otter Farm, this Application directly effects us. We have looked at the Plans and spoken to the Applicants and believe it is a Wonderful idea and we fully Support this Application. It will be a massive benefit to the Local Economy and provide much needed Jobs for Local People. I just hope that EDDC can see the benefits it will bring for the Local Community.

Ms Lucy Brazier (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 11 Jul 2014

As a past colleague, local resident and long time supporter of Mark Diacono and Otter Farm I wholeheartedly support this application. There is a clear need for the development of this site and will have a hugely positive impact on the local area and the wider food industry. Mark's recently published book shows his passion, sensitivity and commitment to the Otter farm project and it should be allowed to grow for all these reasons.

Mr Brian Heath (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Fri 11 Jul 2014

We support and approve the plans so far shown for Otter Farm and the Diacono family. As it stands it would not appear to increase the difficulties already experienced with traffic congestion, speed and parking. We consider that any quality production of food is an asset nowadays.

Mr Tom Fairclough (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 10 Jul 2014

I'd like to register my support for the plans to develop Otter Farm. I've been a customer for a while, am a big fan of the business and the general Otter Farm ethos and would definitely come for a visit and attend a course if the plan goes ahead. I think it would be a really positive and popular attraction for the area. Best Tom

Mrs Katie Young (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 10 Jul 2014

Mrs Catherine Fletcher (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 10 Jul 2014

As a former colleague of Mark Diacono and friend for more than 10 years I am delighted to support his application to further develop the business at Otter Farm. His energy, tenacity and engaging style are sure to underpin a successful business which will bring environmental and economic benefit to the surrounding area. I look forward to visiting East Devon to visit Otter Farm and I am sure it will attract many more visitors from outside the region motivated by Mark's passion for food and the landscape.

Mrs Christine McFadden (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Wed 09 Jul 2014

I fully support Mark Diacono's application and agree with comments made by supporter Sheila Dillon.

Mrs Angela Triner (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Tue 08 Jul 2014

This proposal sounds wonderful and exciting and I totally support it.

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