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14/0557/MOUT | Outline planning application for residential development of up to 150no. dwellings; access to be considered all other matters reserved | Land At Ottery Moor Lane Honiton
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Mr Roland Ebdon (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 18 Aug 2014


I wish to object for 4 reasons and make 3 comments.


1. In my opinion, the road access to Exeter Road is already too busy. Adding another 300+ cars will only exacerbate this. Please do not rely on the recent traffic census carried out overtly in daylight (everyone slowed down!); do it at night when the pubs in Honiton empty and cars go along Exeter Road well in excess of the speed limit. The possibility of access via the lane to the garage or directly onto the bypass has, in my opinion, been dismissed too glibly. Also, I note that only 22 households have been contacted about this application. Can ALL the houses within 500m in both directions of the Ottery Moor Lane/Exeter Road junction be asked for their comments. Only in that manner will you get a true understanding of local concerns.

2. Pedestrian access via Ottery Moor Lane should not be the main route to town. Another should be provided. We already have too many 'happy people' serenading us or arguing as they pass and waking us in the wee small hours as they make their way home from the pubs/clubs. They do not need reinforcements.

3. Please revisit the air pollution study. Five years ago or so, I fitted high quality door furniture to our front door. It is meant to have at least a 25-year life. The existing air has already stripped the varnish and is eating into the brassware! I wonder what it is doing to our lungs.

4. The lighting around here is already bright enough to allow the local airborne vermin (seagulls) almost 24 hour flying. I assume yet more lights will exacerbate this. If this application is approved, can the developer please be made to provide a long-term solution to the problems of noise and other pollution (!) that these creatures create.


1. Can we please have a survey of all the housing stock in Honiton to ensure that as well as starter homes, there are enough larger houses for growing families. Starter homes should not be for the long term. We need a sufficient stock of larger homes as well.

2. Can the developer (if the application is successful) be made to ensure that the existing trees survive and add more if possible. Perhaps they should be made to take on a long-term commitment for tree preservation along the Rookwood Close and Ottery Moor Lane boundaries of this area.

3. I note with concern the possibility of another play area in Honiton being developed separately. Can we please have a joined-up plan that ensures that our children and grandchildren have areas to grow and develop. Perhaps more provision should be included in this application.

Yours faithfully

R J Ebdon

Mr & Mrs W Austin (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 18 Aug 2014

see letter under Document tab

Ms Gillian Pritchett (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sat 16 Aug 2014

Concerns are:

1) if 150 properties have cars and these are used for people to go to work and take children to school then there will be congestion for residents of Ottery Moor Lane trying to access the road leading to the main road and congestion trying to exit from the road to the main road. Already it's possible to wait for up to 15 minutes to get out when the main road is very busy. The addition of 150 houses would make trying to get out to the main road a nightmare.

2) the area could become very busy and this could potentially detract from what has always been a quiet and secure neighbourhood

3) another 150 houses would put even more pressure on the limited services that the town provides - already there are long waits for GP appointments - the town needs more facilities before it starts bringing in more residents

If planning permission is approved then why not make all of the area with Hamblys and Goonvean, Rainbow into a residential area with bus services, pub, doctors surgery and an exit down by St Rita's and out onto the road that leads up by Aldi.

Mrs Rosemary Aplin (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Mon 11 Aug 2014

see scanned letter dated 07.08.2014 under documents

Mrs M Hilsden (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 08 Aug 2014

see scanned letter dated 04.08.2014 under documents

Mr John Opie (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 04 Aug 2014

Turks Head junction is not capable of dealing with the increased traffic that would be caused, during peak hours this junction is dangerous and would require complete redesigning to meet the additional demands. One of our employees was recently knocked off her cycle at this junction through no fault of her own.

Surrounding the remaining industrial units with housing seems flawed, we have invested heavily in future planning for local training, employment and equipment at the Ottery Moor Lane site, we view this proposed plan as a threat to all of the above.

Mr Andy Norman-Pawley AAE MIMI (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 01 Aug 2014

Taking away employment opportunities with nowhere to relocate causing unrest and possible poverty for five employees of one business alone without other businesses that will be removed instantly if this goes ahead

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