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13/2698/MFUL | Demolition of existing buildings and erection of workshop, shop with fast food outlet, extended canopy, additional fuel pumps, extended parking areas and relocated car wash | Honiton Garage Turks Head Lane Honiton EX14 1BQ
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Doug Constable (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Mon 13 Jan 2014

Proposed development of Turks Head area in Honiton
I welcome the planned development as it would greatly improve the very scruffy appearance of the current garage/store/motel site.
Premier Inn would add a much needed modest priced hotel for Honiton and the surrounding area.

Doug. Constable

Glanvill Way

Mr Piers Constable (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 09 Jan 2014

Piers Constable
Exeter Road
EX14 1AX

Tel: 01404 463 09


Objection to planning application:

Ref. No: 13/2698/MFUL

Email copy also sent on 09/01/14

Dear Sir,

I am writing with reference to the planning application to demolish the existing buildings and erect a workshop, shop with fast food outlet, extend the canopy, add extra fuel pumps, extend parking areas and relocate the car wash at the Turks Head site (your ref 13/2698/MFUL). As a resident of one of the properties that borders on to the site of this proposed development, I have several concerns which I would like to raise. Having reviewed the plans and carried out research on the impact of this development my concerns cover the following points:

1) Scale of development not in keeping with local residential area

I am concerned that the scale and sheer size of the new proposed development is not in keeping with both the existing infrastructure and the predominantly residential buildings in the direct vicinity.

2) Traffic congestion and pollution

It has been well publicised locally that there are traffic congestion issues at the Turks Head junction. Prior to any of this work and with the recent addition of the Aldi supermarket, I now find myself waiting in traffic every day as I exit the A30 and try to get home. The addition of an increased volume of traffic and larger vehicles (I believe the workshops have been specifically designed to cater for larger buses and trucks) now able to fill up with diesel will simply add further pain and chaos to this junction. The extension of the petrol station will encourage a significant increase of larger lorries to pull off the A30 to fill up with diesel. I struggle to understand how these will then get back on to the A30 without causing further chaos at the Turks Head junction.

It has also been bought to my attention that the July 2013 Devon County Council Transport report (see attached) states that following monitoring, the junction of the Turks Head and Exeter Road is the only site in the town that exceeds the European maximum level for Nitrogen Dioxide emissions see exert below.

1.4. Air Quality - 1.4.1. An Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) was declared for the full length of Exeter Road, High Street and Kings Road within the town in 2010. The latest monitoring information from East Devon District Council indicates that the only site currently exceeding European maximum levels for Nitrogen Dioxide is that at Exeter Road near the Turks Head junction. The whole route will however need to be managed carefully in the context of the future growth proposed in the pre-submission version Local Plan, with a particular focus on minimising short car journeys. Walking, cycling and public transport will play a key role in this and investment in infrastructure to support these modes will therefore be required. Improvements in vehicle technology are also expected to contribute to reductions in emissions.

Increased hotel traffic due to the increased number of rooms and increased garage / workshop traffic due to the increased number of petrol pumps / workshop bays will only add to this pollution.

3) Capability to effectively manage sewerage

I believe that this site is not on mains sewerage and that the current localised infrastructure is not sufficient to support the additional volume of usage that these extensions will bring. I would therefore like to get confirmation that this has been taken into consideration and given the chance to review the proposals for how this issue will be overcome.

I look forward to receiving your response.

Kind regards,

Piers Constable

Ms S Perryman (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 09 Jan 2014

See letter under document tab on our website

Mrs P B Perryman (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 09 Jan 2014

See letter under document tab on our website

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