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13/1390/MFUL | Construction of solar farm comprising solar arrays, switch gear housing, CCTV cameras and security fencing | Land To The Southwest & West Of Great Houndbeare Farm Aylesbeare Exeter
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Virginia Chichester (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 06 Sep 2013

On studying this application and Googling the companies involved (Cherry Solar Ltd and XL Planning & Design) I have grave misgivings as to their ability to further this project. The design company has only been registered with Company's House since January of this year and, as members of the Council voiced, seem to have little finance behind them. Cherry Solar no doubt could build the array but I could see no previous experience of doing something of this size or nature.We live on the Exmouth Road so I am not sure whether we would be visually affected but I support the reservations put forward. It is a very large site for which I do not see much benefit to the community.

Yours sincerely
Virginia Chichester

Mr Kenneth Woolley (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 14 Aug 2013

I strongly object to this Application on the following grounds :
(1) Such a large industrial-type installation (aprox 55 acres) is totally inappropriate in such a rural location.
(2) On a more general point, a proliferation of such installations in this locallity is totally unacceptable. There is already another site nearby and no doubt more are in the pipeline.
(3) It is a waste of 55 acres of good agricultural land in an area of active farming. Whilst it may not strictly be of the highest quality, the land is currently (and historically) used for the production of arable crops.
(4) Visual impact totally unacceptable. The undulating nature of the surrounding countryside means that it will be visible over a large area, especially in the Winter months when the leaves are off the trees.
(5) Such a large installation will undoubtedly lead to a high level of rainwater run off which will exacerbate drainage problems in the area.
(6) Local access "roads" to the site are unsuitable for the large amount of construction traffic proposed.
(7) Similarly, construction traffic will also put additional pressure on the B3180, already over stressed by the high level of heavy traffic to the local quarries and the new town of Cranbrook.

Mrs Judith Ayres (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 06 Aug 2013

Re application No 13/1390/MFUL
Solar Farm at Great Houndbeare Farm Aylesbeare

I wish to object to the above application for the following reasons:

Using 55 acres of farmland, which in the past have produced crops and grazing, for industrial scale 40,000 solar panels is inconsistent with Government guidelines which indicate that solar panels should be placed on buildings or brown field sites.

Whilst I support the use of renewable energy to reduce UK carbon emissions, it is counterproductive to take up local food producing land, covering it with solar panels, which then leads to higher carbon emissions in the transportation of food to East Devon from other areas and other countries.

The proposed project will have an adverse effect on the landscape and the rural profile of the parish of Aylesbeare in which I live.

There is no evident benefit to the community in terms of energy production or employment.

Access to the site during construction will exacerbate an already unacceptable traffic situation on the B3180.

The criteria against which this application is measured by EDDC will need to be clear and consistent. Sadly many farmers in East Devon may be attracted to the possibilities of generating income in this way instead of by producing food for the nation over the next 25 years. This decision will set a precedent. How many such developments in East Devon will be enough?

Judith M Ayres

Mrs J Kelly (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 31 Jul 2013

Dear Sirs,

RE: Application No 13/1390/MFUL Solar Panel Farm at Great Houndsbeare, Aylesbeare

I wish to object to the above application for the following reasons:-

1) This development will have an adverse visual impact on the landscape.

2) This is a large scale industrial development in a rural area which will be of no benefit to the local community.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs Joan Kelly
25 Scotchmead
Exeter EX5 2BT

Mr David Stam (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 29 Jul 2013

As a home owner in Marsh Green I do not support this proposal.

1.The whole area is prone to flooding and very damp conditions. There does not seem to have been any impact study made as to the effect of construction of solar panels regards run off of water and increased pressure on the local network of steams and brooks.

I note the Environment Agency note on this aspect. It is important that this development does not put additional strain on the village's drainage systems - such as they are.

2. It does not seem to be a good and sensible use of good quality agricultural land.

I urge the Council to refer this application for further environmental risk assessment before proceeding.

David Stam

J D Carhart (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 29 Jul 2013

See letter under asscoaied documents

Mr Julian Turnbull (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 26 Jul 2013

I object to this application because it does not address the increased risk of flooding in the village of Marsh Green. Marsh Green has a long history of flooding problems, including at least twice within the past 12 months. At a public meeting held by the applicant/his consultants in the Marsh Green Village Hall on 8 May 2013, they accepted that the substantial size of the solar farm would lead to a faster rate of run off of surface water than currently exists. This faster rate of run off will impact two areas of the Village, namely:

1. the stream which runs under a bridge at the north end of the Village and which has properties immediately adjacent to it; and
2. the water run off down the farm track from Great Houndsbeare Farm to Quarter Mile Lane which becomes a stream in heavy rain conditions and which then flows into a ditch in Quarter Mile Lane and through a gully under the road in the centre of the Village.

Despite the increased risk of flooding issue being raised at this meeting and despite the well known history of flooding in the Village (which the consultant acknowledged he had not looked into), insufficient attention has been given in the application to this important risk which could seriously affect properties in the Village.

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