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12/2247/MFUL | Construction of 7MW solar farm comprising erection of solar arrays, installation of ancillary equipment, transformer stations, substations, c.c.t.v and security fencing and laying of access track. | Saundercroft (Land Adjoining) Whimple Exeter EX5 2PF
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A & O Williams (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 14 Nov 2012

Alan and Olive Williams
Sandercroft Road

Proposed Solar Park 12/2247/MFUL
We live extremely close to the area and are most concerned.
We object to the proposed development on the following grounds:

1. Noise from the transformers and substations will disturb the peaceful countryside and in particular it will disturb us as very close neighbours.

2. The traffic along the narrow lane, Saundercroft Road, will cause extra noise and congestion. There is nowhere for vehicles to pull over other than in our drive entrance and that of our neighbour, Oak Haven, so the road is not suitable for this extra usage.

3. We have lived here for many years and every year we see bats at certain times of year. We are concerned that the proposed solar park would disturb these creatures. They may well be living within the area under consideration, since there are old barns on site, plus the possibility of Addlehole Copse and trees within the hedgerows being suitable nesting places.

4. We are concerned about the down-grading of good quality agricultural land.

5. The information pack suggests keeping bees amongst the panels, however this would not be suitable since there are already a sufficient number of bee keepers in the local area, including ourselves.

6. The proposed design is inappropriate because it is industrial in design in a countryside area. In particular the idea of a high perimeter fence so close to dwellings is totally out of keeping with the farming area. This would change the appearance of the landscape for a very long time.

7. We feel that other major developments in the area east of Exeter are already over-whelming. We are most concerned that these other developments are contained and not allowed to spill into this particular part of unspoilt Devon.

8. Although we as neighbours feel this proposed solar park would impact us negatively, we also feel that the potential is there for it to spoil the enjoyment of the countryside for the general public. For instance, when walking in Ashclyst Forest, the views of the countryside would be ruined by this blot on the landscape.

We urge you to reject this application. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter via email to Mrs Wright.

Yours faithfully
Alan and Olive Williams.

C Wright (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 14 Nov 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

Having submitted a comment about the application for a solar park online, it appears that my comments have not been accepted so I will attempt to summarise them here for consideration.

I OBJECT to the proposed development strongly, living very close to the site.

Access, This is a quiet county lane and will not support the vehicles associated with the development, both during construction (which would cause much disturbance) and afterwards. There are very few passing spaces along the length of the lane, it is single lane and very narrow. The school bus attempted to make a detour here once recently and got well and truly stuck and unable to negotiate the junctions. It is a quiet rural lane and not suitable for access for a solar park. It would cause a lot of disruption and nuisance to myself and my neighbours and we consider this unacceptable.

Wildlife: The proposed cordoning off of such a large area means that the established wildlife including badgers, foxes, deer etc would not be able to access large areas of their habitat. This is simply unacceptable to us. I have personally witnessed herds of deer passing through the various hedgerows and going from copse to copse in the area. They would be unable to do this and the proposal would significantly reduce the available roaming and breeding areas for many species. (Only animals that can fly would be able to access it!)

Noise: It was not made clear in the letters that we received that there would be noise from the site. Upon closer inspection we are horrified to see that there will be transformers and the noise that these make would cause a great disruption to our quiet way of life.

Light: If there is to be light pollution this again would be unacceptable as the area is so remote and there is very little light at the moment at night and lights from the proposed site would be very close to our house and would spoil our quality of living.

Farmland: This is established farmland and East Devon is committed to supporting agriculture according to the planning refusal on three dwellings at Clystia (EX5 3BG) in Nov 2008. Please read your detailed comments on this as you state it is a "remote rural location". The farmland has existed for centuries and for such a huge expanse to be fenced off for a change of use seems to be entirely incongruous.

Bats: I have observed bats in the area and assume that they must be nesting in the old buildings on the proposed site. Has the council investigated fully the issues of existing bats in the area?

Impact on the area: According to the planning refusal for 3 dwellings on my property (cited above) the detailed notes make much of the idea that this is a "remote rural location" and that the proposed dwellings would be "incongruous" in the area, which is entirely made up of farmland with occasional dwellings. It seems clear from these comments and many others that this area of East Devon, whilst not an area of outstanding natural beauty, is very definitely a quiet rural area, and very distinct from the area of development south of the railway line, ie Cranbrook. In keeping with this statement, then, we find that the proposal for a HUGE solar park is completely out of keeping with area. This is not an urban area, an area where it is slowly being swallowed into something bigger, this is IN THE MIDDLE of the countryside. Therefore it is completely unacceptable to us that a development should be allowed. The fact that there is a substation here already does not mean that the surrounding beautiful countryside should be allowed to be swallowed up by it.

Lastly I would make the perhaps obvious statement, that you may not receive many comments about this proposal simply because the area is sparsely populated and therefore there are not many neighbours to complain. Does this mean that our voice will not be heard? I do hope not, because it indicates that this really is a quiet remote area. If you wanted to do this in the middle of Dartmoor where there are few people you might not get many neighbours' complaints, but that would not make it right. Therefore I urge you to consider this issue very carefully and pay especial attention to the comments of the people that it affects, since we are speaking on behalf of the beauty of the countryside and we have a responsibility to protect it.

Please let me know that you have received this email and that it will be considered with the other objections, since your online form did not work for me.

Yours sincerely
Carolyn Wright
Oak Haven

Mrs C Reece (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 13 Nov 2012

Dear Sir
I am contacting you about he proposed solar panel application on the land of |Saundercroft Farm Whimple EX5 2PF.

Obviously we are objecting to the above proposal as we have already one solar unit across the fields on the Broadclyst Whimple road, which is a blot from one aspect of our home to have another on the other side is not fair , If the farmer in question is so desperate for this to go ahead,why do they not put the solar panels nearer to there properties. Our objection is to the last field which will be plainly visible from our windows and any other properties in the area. We know you do not buy a view but a little consideration from our neighbours and council would be appreciated.

Sadly East Devon is being ruined by one thing or another. Please look carefully at this site and if you wish it to go ahead put it nearer to Saundercroft.
Yours Hopefully
Caroline Reece

Hop-efully you will listen to the small person

Mr Paul Johnston (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 05 Nov 2012

This development when viewed alongside the granted application for another huge site to the west of Higher Burrowton Ref 11/0604/MFUL on another large expanse of good quality farmland is contrary to all stated plans by EDDC and contrary to the views of the existing Broadclyst residents as previously stated at public meetings

The residents of Higher Burrowton feel that they are slowly being fenced into an area which is being rapidly transformed from a rural to industrial environment.
consisting of an additional 1.75 MILES of high security fencing and numerous additional CCTV cameras not to mention the enlargement of a high crime area as stated by Devon and Cornwall Police in their assessment of the adjoining solar site (11/0604/MFUL)
The noise alone from an additional 7 transformer stations is likely to effect wildlife and the local residential health environment.

The loss of good quality farmland when the UK currently has to import 60% of our food to feed the current population seems at least 'unwise'

I urge the EDDC to reject this application.
If there are needs for solar power I recommend that EDDC ensure that every new house in the nearby Cranbrook development is fitted with solar panels. This would provide local power whilst preserving our shrinking farmland stocks

Mr Timothy Johns (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 04 Nov 2012

The valley in which this is situated runs parallel to the major 'West End" development of Science park, Cranbrook, Sky Park, Sainsbury's Distribution etc and threatens to extend the urban and light industrial use into yet another area of green fields and farmland.

This valley already has a 23acre PV site granted permission which is eating into Residential amenity and Farmland on this side of Exeter seriously encroaching onto open areas of farmland close to National Trust land and slowly appearing to fill up the rural landscape between the A30 and old A38: Farmland which we are told is as important to our future as 'clean' energy.

The aspirations of the East Devon structure plan make no mention of money making schemes based on government subsidy (and thereby technically unsustainable) and much on open spaces, stress free environments, local employment, housing and space to relax. This application is in conflict with all of these ideas and I therefore expect the planning officers to reject this application.

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