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11/2471/FUL | Conversion and extension of school building to create dwelling, construction of 2 no detached dwellings and internal access road (resubmission of application 11/1349/MFUL) | Bendarroch School Village Way Aylesbeare Exeter EX5 2FD
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Mr Raymond Mulligan (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 11 Dec 2011

We object to the proposed development on the following grounds:

1. The properties are inappropriately large both for their location and the size of the plot. These would be the highest properties on the east side of Village Way at the south end of the village and as such would be contrary to the Village Design Statement page 43 which states "dominant houses such as the two on Minchin Lane should be discouraged as they do not sit happily in the village context".

2. We question why the educational covenant no longer seems to apply.

3. The covering of the green belt area with concrete and tarmac represents green belt development by stealth.

4. Whatever development may take place we are concerned at the loss of trees and hedgerows. We have an abundance of wildlife on our land adjacent to the north side of the proposed development including a variety of bats and dormice. There is at the very least a reasonable possibility that they are also present on the development site. These mammals use the trees and hedgerows as their natural habitat and arborial routes. Whilst different animals enjoy various levels of protection the dormouse has been protected since 1988 by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (listed on schedule 5 which makes it an offence to disturb their habitat in any way); under schedule 2 of the Conservation Natural Habitats Regulations 1994; the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000; and the 2007 European Regulations Amendment.

It should particularly be noted that the Habitat Regulations Amendment 1994 provides stringent safeguards for dormice as a European Protected Species. A survey needs to be undertaken by a suitably experienced and licensed ecologist where these are believed to be present or where habitat conditions make this likely. The survey information should be presented at the time of the planning application so that due consideration can be given to the requirements of the Habitats Regulations before DEFRA makes a decision as to whether or not a development licence is required. Such surveys can be undertaken after the end of the hibernation period i.e. April onwards.

21.02.2012 Further Comments Received Regarding Amendments To Application:

I refer to the above planning application which is a resubmission of planning application 11/1349/MFUL.

I submitted comments to you under the original application on 11th December 2011. The amendments to the plans address the issues raised under point 3 but the remaining issues at points 1,2 and 4 remain valid and I request that they receive due consideration.

Mr Anthony Rowcraft (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 09 Dec 2011

I am concerned that the proposed new access road for houses B & C is outside of the Developed Area Boundary, as are the proposed gardens to those properties. From a field, mainly grassed, with a gap in the hedge that isn't used as an access to a full blown access road suitable for HGVs and cultivated gardens seems to contravene the spirit, if not the letter, of the extent of the Developed Area Boundary. As House B is the smaller of the three proposed houses and is hard up against the Developed Area Boundary this leads to worries that applications for extension to house B, or other buildings beyond the Developed Area Boundary, will be made in the future. Can there be guarantees or restrictions placed for this not to happen?

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