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10/1954/MFUL | Erection of a pig unit comprising: 3 buildings, slurry store, attenuation pond and access track. | Land West Of Collyhead Farm Venn Ottery Ottery St Mary EX11 1RY
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CPRE Chairman TJW Hale (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Jan 2011

Campaign To Protect Rural England

Shan Merritt (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 06 Jan 2011

This proposed major development is directly contrary to PPS7, which states: " . . . Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), have been confirmed by the Government as having the highest status of protection in relation to landscape and scenic beauty. The conservation of the natural beauty of the landscape and countryside should therefore be given great weight in planning policies and development control decisions in these areas."

In reference to ?farm diversification' PPS 7 also states that there should be: "A supportive approach to farm diversification should not result in excessive expansion and encroachment of building development into the countryside. Planning authorities should . . . . . have regard to the amenity of any nearby residents or other rural businesses that may be adversely affected by new types of on-farm development."

This proposal:
(1) makes a mockery of the high status of protection that has been conferred on the AONB, and
(2) would have a serious detrimental impact on the amenity of nearby residents.

Please give due regard tonational policies as well as to the preferences of the strong farming lobby in East Devon.

Mr Richard Stockdale OBE (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 05 Jan 2011

This application should be rejected.

1. The site is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the proposed
buildings are wholly unsuitable for such a location. The type of farming intended is aptly known as factory farming. Hence the proposed buildings and associated works will be industrial in design,function and appearance.

2. Access to the site is poor. The proposal seeks to provide acces for heavy
goods vehicles by using a narrow minor road from the B3180and turning into a new road to be constructed from near the top of Venn Ottery Hill across open
fields. The new road will be a scar on the countryside visible from across
the Otter Valley.

3. Approval of this application would create a precedent for further
developments on this and other Areas of Outstanding Natural beauty in East Devon.

4. Approval could also imply that Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty are
regarded by EDDC as a gesture towards enviromental conservation but with
no serious protection.

5. The proposed development will contribute nothing to the local economy in
terms of employment and income. It is likely to harm the tourist industry, thus reducing employment opportunities and income, for example, from smalll hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday lettings and their suppliers. The noxious odour from effluent produced by such a huge number of animals and by the ventilation systems will spread across a considerable area around the site, blighting the area for tourists and nearby residents alike.

6. As a local resident,Council tax payer and voter I ask the Planning
Committee to answer the following questions.

A. On what grounds, precisely, would the Committee even consider allowing
such industrial buildings and development in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

B. How, exactly. does the East Devon District Council define its role in
supporting and protecting Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

C. How does the Committee aim to take account of the salutary experience of
a similar application at Broadhayes Farm in the Blackdown Hills, another
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

Mrs Jill Harwood (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 05 Jan 2011

I urge the council to reject this planning application. The benefits of this development in an AONB are limited to the increased profits for the owner, but the negative impacts will be felt by local residents over the long term, by visitors who come to enjoy the beauty of the rural environment, and by the pigs who will be intensely reared when Devon is now at the forefront of free-range farming.
There is NO place for this development in this rural community in the heart of East Devons Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Please vote against it.

Comment submitted date: Tue 16 Nov 2010

I am writing to object to the proposed development of Collyhead Farm. I object for three main reasons.
1. This area is the heart of and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and there is no doubt that this development will ruin the view over this part of the valley. In an EDDC flyer which was recently delivered to local households you state that while you support small scale rural enterprise the AONB are to be protected. A development of the scale proposed is certainly not small scale and therefore contradictory to your own stated aims.
2. Odour. There can be no doubt that animal rearing on this scale and intensity will produce smell from the both the excrement and from the ventilation system which will be used in the units. This smell gets carried on the wind to make life unpleasant or indeed unbearable depending on the resident's proximity to the source. While an assesment has been carried out this takes no account of local topographical elements and the way that pockets of air (and smells) get trapped by local conditions.
3. Noise. The extraction system will be in operation 24/7 and will therefore mean a constant drone will be introduced into this peaceful rural area. At the moment residents of Venn Ottery, Southerton and surrounding hamlets enjoy the uninterrupted sounds of silence and this will be lost forever.
I urge the council to realise the negative and irreversible impact that this proposed development will have to the lives of many local residents and say NO to this planning application.

Mr R W Stockdale OBE (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 04 Jan 2011

See letter under associated documents

Mr David Chapple (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 04 Jan 2011

Dear Sirs,

You only have to look at the number of objections from local residents to realize that the proposed Industrial Development of a Pig Farm at Collyhead Farm, East Devon is NOT welcome and the application should be turned down.

East Devon is rapidly being turned into the South East and speaking as someone who was born and raised here it is of great concern ┐ when will it all stop ┐ when there is no more green and pleasant land for this and future generations to enjoy.

This proposed development is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which was awarded this status for that very reason ┐ its ┐natural beauty┐ ┐ how can placing an industrial sized pig farm in the very heart of East Devon be in keeping with what I thought was our cherished and fast diminishing countryside.

Whatever anyone says there will be pollution that will affect fellow local residents, there will be both noise (how do you keep the proposed number of pigs quiet) and smell which the residents of the area will suffer from. I am sure we can all relate to the days when the local farm was cleaning out the pigs and I can assure those of you who haven┐t experienced it that the smell is horrendous ┐ to the point of being eye watering and nauseating and it can linger for days.

The smell will carry for many miles and depending on the strength and direction of the wind maybe smelled as far away as Ottery St Mary and down the Otter Valley towards Budleigh Salterton.

So far I do not see any support from local residents, only from those businesses and bodies who seem to have financial interest in this development.

Therefore I would like to propose that the planning committee turns down this proposed development, acknowledging the concerns of the local residents ┐ for both the short term and to protect what makes East Devon unique for future generations to enjoy.

Mrs Jacqui Clarke (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 03 Jan 2011

As residents of East Devon & Venn Ottery, We strongly feel that this is an infringement of the rights of welfare to our community. This is an area of outstanding beauty that seems to be not only ignored but deemed as totally unimportant. The building of these units seem to be void of any consideration of not only the residents but the wildlife including the preservation of our beautiful countryside which is a great asset not only to the residents but also to the thousands of tourists who are drawn here due to the unique landscape of this stunning area which once lost can NEVER be regained. I don't know what we can say to the planning dept anymore as our voices are so rarely heard, but this is our home and we have every right to be recognised. Please listen to us for once before our beautiful countryside is gone forever.

Jacqui & Phil Clarke

Ms Olly Foat (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 15 Dec 2010

I do not understand why East Devon District Council is not protecting the countryside and AONB's of East Devon? Reading through this application for the umpteenth time, I remain to be convinced that there is a need for such a development as this on an AONB. After investigating and studying past major applications in and around huge swathes of East Devon I see that many of them have been passed even though the outcry of opposition from the public has been huge.
Whilst agriculture is paramount to our Devon Countryside, and the way of life promoted here - the idea of starting from scratch a huge industrial pig unit, which covers 11 acres in building space alone, housing animals 27/7 every day of their life, is not, what I call farming. This is industrial farming on a huge scale. Most definitely not suited to a site such as an AONB.
Members of the Committee are asked to remember the application for Broadhayes Farm, Stockland which was a similar application to this one.
There is significant lack of information in the application regarding the management of waste on this proposed industrial farm site, there is absolutely no mention of disposal and the management of waste from either these animals kept in confinement or from the slurry pit and lagoon.
This site is in the field right next door to the Venn Ottery Quarry which will be reverted back to a 'heathland site' when mineral extraction is complete - thereby leaving it vulnerable for 'change' if/when the time arises! - this again is a major concern to all in the vicinity. It is difficult to view this as incidental.
There is no indication in the plans/statement of actually how much water will be used in this operation. The bore hole that feeds Collyhead Farm, a bore-hole that the applicant has put in himself in 2004 without permission, (no permission needed for bore-holes unless more than 20 cubic mtrs per day is extracted - 20,000 litres to be precise and that is a lot of water), will use a massive amount of water daily for this industry and this extraction will affect many householders in the immediate area who also take their water from bore holes - and using the one at Collyhead Farm every day for this proposed industrial operation will have deleterious affect on all other bore-hole supplies in the vicinity, not to say of the potential impact of the waste from the pigs via urine and faeces leaching into the ground over the years from the slurry lagoon and pit.

There is a lot of conflicting information in the planning statement.

I urge you as members of this Planning Committee to please consider what affect this application will have in a unique part of East Devon and the protected AONB and as stated in the Planning Protocol, " AONB's are under more pressure than ever before, landscape character and quality in AONB's is particularly vulnerable to inappropriate and insensitive development". How very true in this case!

Mr & Mrs Richard & Sarah Kinver (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 15 Dec 2010

Further to the above planning application we would like to object to and raise questions regarding the proposal and its siting in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Policy S5 - Countryside Protection - I believe the locality of the proposed pig unit is in a distinct landscape setting which Local Plan Policy S5 seeks to protect. Also Local Plan Policy D1 (Design & Local Distinctiveness) states that development proposals are only permissible if new buildings ?look right' and of are of an appropriate scale. It is apparent from the submitted drawings that neither the appearance or scale of the buildings in this case is commensurate with the objectives of Local Plan policy in this regard and would, if permitted, have an overwhelming visual impact on the local landscape, as well as affecting adversely the standard of amenity currently enjoyed by residents of nearby properties, including our own, which Local Plan Policy D1 also seeks to protect.

Policy EN1 - Development within AONBs - my understanding is that council approved policy EN1 of the adopted local plan places a clear and overriding presumption against any new development in countryside designated an ANOB where it fails to conserve or enhance the special landscape character of the area and which fails to respect traditional building forms. The application proposal is within a designated ANOB and therefore falls to be considered in accordance with that policy. In the light of the industrial scale of the buildings, coupled with their factory style and the extensive earth works necessary to facilitate the development, the proposal could not possibly be construed to fulfill either of the policies stated objectives, namely preservation or enhancement of the landscape or respects traditional local building forms.

Policy EN8 - Archaeological site - I understand the proposal is positioned close to an archaeological site which Policy EN8 seeks to protect, including their surroundings and setting. Once again, the application proposal fails to conform to that policy by reason of the proximity of the development to the scheduled site and the contrasting nature between 'ancient' and 'modern'.

I have read and would like to endorse the Environmental Agencies letter dated 17th November 2010 regarding the risk of pollution.

This proposal would seriously affect the locality we live in and I am concerned we, together with our neighbours, would be subjected to intensive and obnoxious pig farming smells from the ventilation stacks, noise at feeding time due to the automated liquid feeding system, light pollution due to ?site lighting' and unnecessary erosion of the countryside due to the whole proposal being on a virgin ?green field' site; land that was bought by the applicants less than fifteen years ago with only two Dutch Barns on it. If this proposal is granted, it would set an undesirable precedent for further development of this block of ANOB land by the applicant to the further detriment of the area's nationally recognised landscape significance.

We believe the application proposal fails to accord with the landscape preservation requirements of development plan Policy EN1 and consequently, is contrary to Policy S5. It also conflicts with the residential amenity objectives of Policy D1 and the archaeological conservation intentions of Policy EN8. The application should therefore be refused planning permission for these reasons.

We would like to conclude that should the Council be minded to allow such a large scale factory farm development, it should be directed to a less sensitive landscape area outside the AONB.

We trust the Council will see fit to refuse this application.

Patricia Swimbourne-Johnson (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 10 Dec 2010

Further to my letter dated 19 November 2010, i enclosed a newspaper item from the Daily Telegraph of 7 December 2010. This item confirms comments made in my earlier letter to you, and I trust the Planning Committee will take note when coming to their decision.

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