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09/0019/MFUL | Erection of retail store (5,996 sq m gross) with petrol filling station, with assorted car parking, pedestrian and vehicular and vehicular access and landscaping | Land Adjacent Harbour Road Seaton Devon
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Mr B Collins (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 09 May 2011

Letter can be seen under document tab on our website. Ltr received following decision on application.

Dr P Savage (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Tue 03 May 2011

Letter can be viewed on our website under document tab.

Mrs M Powell (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 15 Sep 2009

Mrs Michelle Oldfield (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Mon 14 Sep 2009

Further to recent press coverage I felt compelled to ensure that my opinion regarding the proposed development by Tesco in Seaton is included.

I object to the Tesco aplication on a number of levels as I wrote earlier in the year yet it seems incredible to me that recent press reports are implying that the Sainsbury's application, supported by locals will be refused, whilst the Tesco aplication will be considered.

Tesco will not provide regeneration for Seaton, it is not a tourist attraction. Equally Sainsbury's is not a tourist attraction but the very fact that it would provide choice in the local area for supermarket shopping would most likely bring people to the area. It would seem to me that Tesco are not interested in building relations in Seaton and only seek to generate further profits. Many local residents felt a great deal of dismay regarding the demolition of the Holiday park, did Tesco not consider that by taking on and running the park they would perhaps have generated a degree of goodwill in the local area?

Tesco talk of housing and possibility of hotel accomodation but we all realise given the current economic climate this will not happen. Such amenities are not included in this application and there is little likelihood of developers wanting to purchase the land and develop it.

With such little support for the Tesco application it should be refused thus allowing them to concentrate on their other local developments in Axminster and Ottery St Mary. The most sensible being Axminster where they currently have a store

Mr Bucklar (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sat 15 Aug 2009

I am writing to object to the planning application for a Tesco store in Seaton. There are already 14 Tesco stores in the local area, so another one will not attract visitors to Seaton as why would they drive past their local Tesco to go to Seaton?. Tescos arent really interested in regenerating Seaton, otherwise they would be the ones building the houses and hotels. All they are actually wanting to build is a shop and petrol station i.e. to make more money for themselves. Tesco have closed down the holiday village and yet arent actually going to re-build it themselves. Their adverts are very carefully worded so people think they will be offering facilities to Seaton, when all they are offering is another developer the chance to build them. This is not regeneration!

Tesco stores are everywhere. I am not against a supermarket in Seaton but I am against Tescos as i believe we have enough Tescos in East Devon and we need more choice. Yes, the land needs to be developed and Seaton needs facilities for residents and visitors but Tescos is not the answer. Their planning application does nothing for Seaton, it just gives them the green light to further monopolise East Devon and line their own pockets.

Give Seaton a choice. Give Seaton the chance for healthier, better quality food. Give Seaton something different than surrounding areas to attract visitors and residents to the town. Give Seaton the chance for real regeneration. Say no to Tescos.

Jane Calvert (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Sun 02 Aug 2009

I am very confused about what Tesco are proposing to actually build, and what they say is possible on their land for others to build sometime in the future. I?m guessing that they will want to build the store and petrol station, and very little else given the current economic situation, and the enormous difficulties of the site. The store seems disproportionately large for a seaside town, especially given that there are already large stores at Honiton and Axminster, and local stores at Lyme Regis & Sidmouth. Will people travel to yet another Tesco if they have one close enough already? The add-on attractions of the Tesco proposal don?t seem enough to encourage people to visit the town ? are they actually going to build a visitor centre? -or is this just a possibility for someone else to build? There seems to be enormous difficulties with building anything on this site on a floodplain/estuary. Has the lorry option been abandoned? I hope so. Is the beach pipeline option feasible? What effect will it have on our beach as a tourist attraction? Isn?t this area of coast protected as some kind of designated marine nature reserve? I thought the Lyme Bay was a protected marine area ? how does Tesco?s proposal sit with this status?

The site needs to be first built up, and then built on, so the whole development will stand out as if on a plinth. It will be a large very visible blot at the mouth of the beautiful Axe river valley.

Is it really sensible to build on what is geographically a river mouth/estuary and flood plain? Recent flooding incidents nationwide seem to strongly suggest that building on flood plains is a very bad idea, and can only get worse as climate change continues to influence the situation. Will there be knock-on flooding in the Axe Valley as a result of ?concreting over? the flood plain?

Does Seaton really need more housing? There seems to be plenty of houses already ? what Seaton needs is more facilities for current residents and visitors, not just more properties. How many years did it take to sell all the properties in the recent development blocks? Can existing services such as doctors, police, schools, sewage etc cope with increased housing and population?

We need more facilities and visitor attractions in-keeping with a seaside town not an enormous superstore and more houses for urban sprawl. Seating is trying to promote itself as a gateway to the coast, in an area of natural beauty, and should always focus on this, and not be swayed by the Tesco monopoly urbanisation plans.

There are hundreds of anonymous towns with big block Tesco buildings. Seaton should stand out as ?one-on-its-own? with a Sainsbury?s and a landmark visitor centre offering panoramic views. I know which vision for Seaton I prefer!

Brian Prior (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Fri 31 Jul 2009

i live in Uplyme with a business in Axminster, I have parents who live in Seaton, if the people of Seaton wish to improve the town and encourage people to come to the town you must approve the Sainsburys plans, why would people of Axminster or Uplyme shop in Seaton if you build another Tesco's.

C & D Willerton (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 29 Jul 2009

I am writing to register my objections to planning application 09/0019/MFUL.

I have lived in Seaton for over 25 years and cannot envisage bringing up my children anywhere else. My objections are based on the following concerns...

1)The area is a designated Flood Plain

2)Volume of lorry movement for at least 3 years (40 - 90 HGV's per day apparently) and damage to existing roads, bridge and properties (Axmouth)

3)Possible land contamination from imported landfill

4)Possible Contamination of The Axe Estuary and definite disturbance on the wildlife.

5)There are already many Tesco stores within easy reach

Seaton is a tourist town with many people revisiting year after year. I understand that some sort of regeneration is necessary and look forward to a Visitors Centre but don't think that a huge supermarket will help attract people. I have certainly never combined a family day out with a general family food shop!

Ms A Kelf (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Tue 28 Jul 2009

Mr I. Turpin (Neutral)

Comment submitted date: Mon 27 Jul 2009

As a frequent shopper in Axminster and Seaton I have followed the rival proposals put forward by Tesco and Sainsbury, and would like to support Seaton Town Council's decision (as reported in the "Midweek Herald") to favour the latter. Thank-you.

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