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08/2537/FUL | Demolition of existing cafe/store and construction of new cafe/ restaurant facility | Longboat Cafe Marine Parade Budleigh Salterton EX9 6NS
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  • Comments Received: 283
  • Objections: 194
  • Supporting: 77

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K G & R Baker (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 13 Oct 2010

See letter under document tab on our website

Anne Ainsworth (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 13 Oct 2010

See letter under document tab on our website

Dr Anita Jennings (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 07 Oct 2010

The application to demolish the Longboat Café and replace it (and the adjacent Public Shelter) is said to be on the DMC agenda for 19th October 2010.. This will be the third time the same application will have been debated during the 2 years since it was submitted. It has attracted 718 comments from residents and 36 from diverse consultees. The local paper published scores of readers' letters

The recent confirmation by English Heritage not to list the former Lifeboat House is astonishing in view of its historic and functional association with the recently listed group of Coastguard Cottages.

EDDC has incurred considerable expenses processing 08/2537/FUL - not only by repeated debates, but also by commissioning a belated LVIA last spring, seemingly intended to contradict the first LVIA funded by residents. I can see why many residents have felt that the application was not processed in an open-minded way, and why complaints have been sent to both Mrs Lyon and the LGO.

This letter is to express my concern on three further points regarding this application.

First, the failure of EDDC to take on board PPS5 which was published in March 2010, 3 months ahead of DMC's second debate in June 2010. The new PPS was considered to be too late to be relevant to this application. Discussion on its contents and significance did not occur until 24th August 2010., i.e. 5 months after its publication. Mr Belli then pointed out that buildings and natural features (incl. archeological) could be designated Heritage Assets. An unlisted building of local historical interest could become a Heritage Asset. PPS5 was welcomed warmly by several members, particularly by Cllr Bloxham..

Policies HE73 and HE 7.4 in PPS5 are relevant to the final determination of the Longboat application. " If the evidence suggests that the heritage asset may have a special significance to a particular community that may not be fully understaod from the usual process of consultation and assessment, then the local planning authority should take reasonable steps to seek the views
of the community"
"The desirability of sustaining and enhancing the significance of heritage assets, and of utilising their positive role in place shaping"?. and "the positive contribution that conservation of heritage assets and the historic environment generally can make to the establishment and maintenance of sustainable communities and economic vitality by virtue of the factors set out in HE3.1"
PPS5 was not entirely "new" to the DMC because members had already debated a draft form some six months earlier (20th October 2009) .

The DMC will have an opportunity, on 19th October, to reconsider its stance in relation to PPS5. The forthcoming debate will take place almost exactly 12 months after the DMC had debated PPS5 in draft form, and 7 months after its actual publication I hope they will bear in mind Mr Guy's warning on page A1 (Risk Considerations) - "There are no risks to the Council by noting the contents of the two documents. There are however risks associated with contentious applications which may be subject to a third party challenge or successful appeal and costs".

Second, the future of the Public Shelter. The application relies on permission being granted to demolish the Public Shelter. During the long history of 08/2537/FUL it has become clear that the freehold of the Shelter remains with Clinton Devon Estates. EDDC is a long-term leaseholder. The disposal of the leasehold appears to lie in the hands of the Council's Asset Management Forum, whose membership is by no means limited to elected councillors This Forum meets behind closed doors without published Agenda's or Minutes. Its deliberations are not open and transparent. The application would transfer a much used asset for residents of Budleigh Salterton and visitors to a single businessman. There is no other site along the beach half-way between Steamer Steps and Lime Kiln Car Park for a replacement shelter There can be little doubt that the shelter is a greatly valued amenity, particularly in bad weather, and that it would be greatly missed by residents and visitors alike. So is the viewing platform above, often used by disabled people.

Third, .there appears to be a growing danger of a vacuum between the Local Plan, considered by the officers to be on its last legs, and the LDF which is said to be embryonic, mid-term, or pre-parturition, according to circumstances. Failure to conform to the Local Plan can thus be dismissed because it is allegedly moribund, and failure to comply to the LDF because it is allegedly premature. This results in elastic yardsticks which can be stretched at officers' will. Compare the past two recommendations to approve the Longboat application with the Council's own statements accompanying the draft LDF (p.122, p123; see below ).

In recent years, recommendations by our Town Council have been over-ridden by EDDC time and time again. This accounts for the debate you witnessed in our Council Chamber last Monday. In the near future, EDDC will have to take on board the Localism Bill based on the Coalition Government's commitment to "radically reform the planning system to give neighbourhoods far more ability to determine the shape of the places in which their inhabitants live" (letter dated 30th Sept 2010 from Adam Bennett, Communities and Local Government, Eland House).

Yours sincerely,

(Dr) Anita Jennings

Extracts from pages 122 and 123 of "East Devon LDF Core Stategy - Preferred Strategy Approach Document 2010"

"We regard it as essential that we protect and conserve the historic built Heritage of East Devon. The traditional buildings of East Devon bring pleasure to residents and many visitors alike. They form a key part of the tourism appeal of the District and help define the distinctiveness that is East Devon. We already have strong national guidance and legislation that protects listed buildings and also strong Local Plan Policies? The key will be to apply existing legislation and guidance on the most effective way to protection of the built environment."

"Heritage assets can help with sustainability and promote a sense of place. Plans should consider investment in and enhancement of historic places, including consideration of how best to conserve individual, groups or types of assets that are most at risk of loss through neglect, decay or other threats. The physical and cultural heritage of the district will be conserved and enhanced and the contributions that historic places make to the economic and social well-being
of the population will be recognized, evaluated and promoted, through the preparation of policies within a Development Management DPD, work with local communities to produce and update Design Statements, and the incorporation of heritage asset assessment into further Strategy preparations such as that proposed for Green Infrastructure"

Mrs A Wheeler (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Thu 24 Jun 2010

see letter under documents tab

B Parminter (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Fri 04 Jun 2010

See letter under associated documents

Arrived on committee day

Michael G Thomas (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 02 Jun 2010

see letter under documents tab

Dr A F Pollard (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 02 Jun 2010

see letter under documents tab

David Joselin (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 26 May 2010

See letter under document tab on our website

K J & M J Butler (Objects)

Comment submitted date: Wed 26 May 2010

We wish to object to the proposed development of the Longboat House as the design is inappropriate for the site as it is out of scale for the site and totally lacking in sympathy with the landscape, which is of World heritage status. The proposed design will detract from the line of the cliffs. A more sympathetic design that fits into the landscape would enhance the area.

Mr P Martin (Supports)

Comment submitted date: Thu 13 May 2010

See letter under document tab on our website

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