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18/2122/TRE | T1 - leaning oak tree: reduce height by 30% (of crown) - Max: diameter cuts of 12cm Shorten all laterals by up to 20% to leave a balanced form - max diameter cuts of 8-10cm Target pruning cuts made leaving parent branch over 3 times diameter of cut size. Reasons: This semi mature oak has grown from Devon bank at 45 degrees angle (reaching for light past previously felled tree). It is significantly weighted over adjacent property, and would be deemed hazardous if left to reach maturity. Dry conditions this year make it difficult to make accurate prediction as to the stability in the Devon bank. The reduction will relieve weight throughout the crown and lessen risk of failure. | 14 Perrys Gardens West Hill Ottery St Mary EX11 1XA

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17 Sep 2018 Forms Planning Application View document icon
14 Nov 2018 Forms 04 TRE Refusal of tree (TPO) View document icon
17 Sep 2018 Plans Location Plans View document icon
15 Nov 2018 Reports Delegated Officer Report View document icon

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