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20/2257/TRE | Following a meeting between Mr Lomas and my client it was concluded that some minimal work on these trees would be acceptable T1/To lift no2 limbs from above summer house to stop abrasion of roof the limbs are less than 2 mts in length and less than 8 cms T2/ To remove no2 sub dominant growths from a hedgerow that is being forced over the garden. Removal will not alter the integrity of the hedge in any way | 8 Dove Close Honiton EX14 2GP


Keith Williams

Telephone Number 07970238406

Ward Councillors

Councillor Mike Allen

Address 50 Marker Way Honiton Devon EX14 2EN
Telephone Number 01404 46755

Councillor Luke Jeffery

Address 34 Woodmans Crescent Honiton EX14 2DY

Councillor Phil Twiss

Address Swallowcliff Beacon Honiton Ex14 4TT

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