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20/0312/TRE | Pinus Sylvestris T615 + T614 Fell because the extreme level of needle drop is such that all the guttering, downpipes and drain gullies are severely and continually blocked, the tree sways dangerously towards the building, replace with one Pinus Sylvestris and one Quercus Robur Fastigiata Koster Common Maple T624 Fell because the thousands of sycamore seeds also add to the blockage of the gutters, gullies etc. and in addition are highly invasive not only to our property and garden | Oasis Toadpit Lane West Hill Ottery St Mary EX11 1TR

Ward Councillors

Councillor Jess Bailey

Address Lark Rise Elsdon Lane West Hill EX11 1TZ

an Idox solution