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15/2524/TRE | T1 Oak: Remove 2 stems growing towards the garden. G1 Oaks: Prune back to vertical growth level with the hedge line making cuts up to 50mm diameter | 31 Glanvill Way Honiton EX14 2GD


Mr Matthew Shute

Telephone Number 01395 279101

Ward Councillors

Councillor Jenny Brown

Address Flat Monkton Court Hotel Monkton Honiton EX14 9QH
Mobile Phone 07701361726
Telephone Number 01404 42309

Councillor M Allen

Address 50 Marker Way Honiton EX14 2EN
Telephone Number 01404 46755
Mobile Phone 07855 142706

Councillor P Twiss

Address Smallowcliff Beacon Honiton EX14 4TT
Telephone Number 01404 891327

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