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15/1400/TCA | T1, Sycamore: Remove three suckers nearest to house. T2, Ash: Reduce long limb from approx 6 metres back to 4m (pruning cut diameter 100mm). T3, Sycamore, T4, Willow, T5, Cherry, T6 Sycamore, T7, Cherry: Fell. | Bixley Haven Broadway Woodbury Exeter EX5 1NR


Dartmoor Tree Surgeons Ltd

Mobile Phone 07970 846205
Telephone Number 01395 232854

Ward Councillors

Councillor R Longhurst

Address Redcliff Burgmanns Hill Lympstone EX8 5HP
Telephone Number 01395 263495
Mobile Phone

Councillor B O Ingham

Address Runaway Courtlands Lane Lympstone EX8 5AB
Telephone Number 01395 276912

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