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18/2478/PDQ | Prior approval for proposed change of use of agricultural building ('Middle Pigsty' to form 2 no. dwellings (Use Class C3) and associated operational development. | The Pygthle Lower Broad Oak Road West Hill Ottery St Mary EX11 1XQ
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Parish/Town Council

Consultation Date: Tue 30 Oct 2018

Ottery St Mary Rural - Cllr P Carter

Consultation Date: Tue 30 Oct 2018

Ottery St Mary Rural - Cllr G Pratt

Consultation Date: Tue 30 Oct 2018

Clerk To West Hill Parish Council

Comment Date: Wed 07 Nov 2018

This application was considered at the Parish Council meeting on 6th November 2018. Councillors considered that the three applications 18/2463/PDQ, 18/2465/PDQ and 18/2478/PDQ should have been submitted together as one application as they all refer to the same site and need to comply with PDQ regulations.
Councillors considered that the application did not comply with Class Q regulations, and made the following comments:
1) There has been no agricultural use of the site since 1994. This is confirmed by the statutory declaration made by the applicant in 2008 when applying for the agricultural tie of the dwelling The Pygthle to be removed. The applicant has not submitted any evidence to show that the site has been in agricultural use in order to comply with Class Q regulations;
2) The cumulative area of the proposed development, comprising 2 larger dwellings and 2 smaller dwellings does comply with Class Q regulations;
3) The buildings could be converted without extending beyond the external dimensions, and this does comply with Class Q regulations;
4) No evidence has been submitted that the existing buildings are structurally sound enough to permit the proposed conversion works. A structural survey is required. From the photos the roof supports appear to be relatively light-weight metal beams, with one or two wooden beams and there is no evidence that these are sufficient to support the additional roof structures necessary;
5) Highways impacts: The proposed four dwellings will generate additional traffic. There is no assessment of the access or visibility splays onto Lower Broad Oak Road, which is at the top of a hill with poor visibility;
6) The red lines around the proposed curtilages do not include any area for parking of cars and do not indicate how the occupants will have a right of access onto the site;
7) Design and external appearance of the buildings. It is proposed to retain the existing old corrugated iron roofs. These are inadequate and poor design for the village of West Hill. The new windows to be inserted will face onto the other buildings, and a concrete wall is to be erected to prevent loss of amenity. However, this would be contrary to the Ottery and West Hill Neighbourhood Plan Policy NP26 which requires new boundaries to be of native species hedging. There would be considerable loss of amenity and overlooking until the hedge was established, and concrete walls close to the building and windows are not acceptable in design terms.
8) Habitats Regulations. A Habitats Regulation assessment is needed, due to the proximity of the Pebblebed Heaths. There is no mechanism to secure the mitigation contribution which would be necessary.
For all these reasons, Councillors considered that prior approval should not be given.

Devon County Highway Authority

Comment Date: Mon 05 Nov 2018

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