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18/1721/FUL | Re-built single garage and alterations to access/driveway (partly retrospective) | Meadowgate West Hill Road West Hill Ottery St Mary EX11 1UZ
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Ottery St Mary Rural - Cllr M Coppell

Consultation Date: Mon 06 Aug 2018

Clerk To West Hill Parish Council

Consultation Date: Mon 06 Aug 2018

Ottery St Mary Rural - Cllr P Carter

Comment Date: Wed 12 Sep 2018

Hi Andrew, following our conversation regarding Meadowgate, I would like to give my disappointment of this partly retrospective joint application.
I feel we should not tolerate this Garage in its current format and that it should be as permission was granted or something far more in keeping with the street scene. As it stands the street scene has been transformed beyond recognition of what was given permission.
I also feel this should be a separate application and the other works should be on a separate application as not to confuse the site details.
Please can we keep a close eye on this site and make sure the harm to the street scene does not continue.
I look forward to further updates on the progress of this application.

Many Thanks

Parish/Town Council

Comment Date: Thu 06 Sep 2018

Proposal: Re-built single garage and alterations to access/driveway (partly retrospective)
This application was considered by Councillors at the Parish Council meeting on 4th September 2018. Councillors noted comments submitted by neighbours. Councillors were highly critical of the way the building works have destroyed the street scene and resulted in damage and loss to historic buildings.
Councillors strongly objected to the alterations to the garage and request that it should be reinstated in accordance with the original planning approval (14/2416/FUL). Councillors were also critical of this previous planning approval which has permitted creation of the parking space in front of the host Meadowgate building involving major cutting-in to the front garden of Meadowgate which has a serious adverse impact on the street scene.
Councillors also strongly objected to the alterations to the access/driveway on the grounds of adverse impact on the street scene. If it were to be accepted as currently planned and partly constructed, there will be car-parking and turning spaces for cars in front of the building line, which would be even more damaging to the street scene.
Councillors also requested that permitted development rights are removed from the new bungalow.

Devon County Highway Authority

Comment Date: Fri 24 Aug 2018

The site is situated on the C809.
The access visibility has been approved as part of this application with hedge trimming to ensure a standard visibility of 45m in both the easterly and westerly direction. The provided turning area is satisfactory in enabling a vehicle to turn in forward gear and enter and exit in forward gear. This is important to ensure vehicles are not reversing onto the county network.

Therefore in summary the County Highway Authority has no objections to raise as part of this application.


Officer authorised to sign on behalf of the County Council 24 August 2018
General Data Protection Regulations Notice:- management

Comment Date: Tue 07 Aug 2018

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